Fashion Statements and Neon Polish

I’m not what you would call a style-savy person. Part of me has always wanted to be one of those chill girls with a bright colored scarf wrapped around my head, baggy cargo pants, patchwork bag slung over my shoulder.   Part of me wants to be the chic girl – like Julie Delpy in Before Sunset with the million dollar jeans, delicate flats, and a silk black tank top. Part of me wants to dye my hair jet black, wear all bright colors and wear enormous hoop earrings, bangle bracelets and lots of rings. Ooh! Or knee high boots and cool, cropped leather jackets.

barry-m-nail-paint-neon-pink-largeWell anyway, for now, with ‘champagne tastes on a diet coke budget’, I’m forced to settle for 5 dollar t-shirts and scruffy jeans, and admire from afar those with the means and fashion sense I lack.  But one fashion statement I can afford is nail polish. And here in Beirut the latest craze is pink nails. Neon pink. What the what?? We’re talking, the ’80s are back’, ‘going to a rave under black lights’ neon NEON. Bizarre and gaudy at first glance, I’ll admit – but, with time, the look grows on you, I can’t lie.  So today, I decided to give in and I bought a bottle. Gave myself a pedicure and now every time I look at my toes I smile. A cheap splash of a ridiculous trend has brightened my day. Nothing wrong with that!


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