Jeff, me, Charles and Danny out at Captain's Cabin

Jeff, me, Charles and Danny out at Captain's Cabin

And here I was thinking I knew no one in Beirut, save for my family. 

Four years ago, I spent a summer at a symposium on ‘Conflict Resolution and Negotiation in the Middle East’ that was held in Nicosia, Cyprus, by a group called IIMCR (International Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution). It was a blast of a summer and the other program participants were amazing people. We all became good friends over the course of the summer, but when the program finished, we all went our separate ways and I probably would have lost touch with almost all of them if it wasn’t for facebook. 

Our IIMCR group in Cyprus, 2005

Our IIMCR group in Cyprus, 2005

Yesterday though, I got a message from one of my IIMCR classmates, Danny. I actually saw him the last time I was in Beirut, but had forgotten that he was still living here. Apparently, there are actually 5 IIMCR grads (Danny, Charles, Jeff, Sarine and I) here in Beirut right now, and Danny was organizing a mini reunion.  So happy!

Captain's Cabin

Captain's Cabin

pic.phpSo around 9pm, Danny, Charles, Jeff and I (Sarine couldn’t make it), met up at ‘Captain’s Cabin’ a bar in Hamra (a quarter of Beirut). Captain’s is apparently one of the oldest bar’s in Hamra – it was this cozy little place with nautical themed decorations and filled with a fun mix of young Lebanese and foreigners. We chatted, laughed and got caught up, sipping Almaza’s (Lebanese Beer) and munching on almonds. We called it an early night around 11:30pm with plans to meet up again soon. I have friends in Beirut! woot.


6 responses to “Reunion!

  1. new entry…score

  2. Look at those beautiful familiar faces!!!

    It looks like you are having an amazing experience… Good luck and let me know if you guys need anyone else with film experience — I know someone good! 🙂

  3. we are loving your adventures! keep us posted. Fill us in on all the gossip!

  4. how much fun! give our love to george mariam and steven!

  5. Colette,

    I’m an IIMCR grad from 2002 (in the Hague) and found your blog through Lonely Planet! I am starting a trip around the world on Thursday and will be going to Cyprus. I had hoped to visit Beirut since it is so close, but I don’t know much about Lebanon. Do you have any advice for me on how to make a smart, safe and fun week in Beirut or other areas? Thanks! Great blog!


    • Hi Bree!
      A trip around the world – ah! sounds amazing!! Send me off an email when you arrive – and I’ll introduce you to some fun people and places here in Beirut! As for traveling around Beirut by yourself, you really have very little to worry about safety-wise. It’s an incredibly safe city and they’re very respectful of women here so you really should be fine. The only thing you might have to worry about is getting ripped off by taxi drivers who want to make an extra buck or two off of the foreigner. Still taxi prices are cheap cheap so even if you are ripped off, you won’t be paying all that much. What kind of things do you want to do and see while you’re here?? Send an email with more specific questions and I’ll help you out as best I can! Enjoy your travels!!!!

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