Mosquitoes must die

Mosquito_BeeI am being eaten alive by Jordanian mosquitoes. Did you know that only female mosquitoes suck blood? I do. I discovered this today when I was researching the beasts in an effort to find something, anything, to back up my argument that the world would be a better place without mosquitoes. I couldn’t manage to find out whether or not their extinction would cause some kind of break down in the food chain, but I did discover a lot of random facts about these stupid-ass bugs. For example, the name ‘mosquito’ dates from the late 16th century, and is a diminutive of ‘mosca,’ the Spanish word for ‘fly’ which came from the Latin word ‘musca’, also meaning fly. Yeah, I’m super cool. I know the Latin root of ‘mosquito’. Unfortunately, this knowledge doesn’t make my 1,001 bites itch any less. But, hey, maybe someday it’ll win me $10,000 on Jeopardy. Although, then I’d have to admit that mosquitoes were good for something…


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