On Route!

british flagI’m in London! The adventure begins. After leaving Spain in February, I moved to Boston where I settled in in the historic North End, and began temping, part-timing it, working unpaid internships and suffering through a painful and unfruitful job hunt. Flash forward 4 months – I was feeling more than discouraged when I received a timely phone call from my uncle, inviting me to come work for his documentary film production company in Amman. He works almost exclusively making documentaries for Al-Jazeera and apparently, he and his wife had more work than they could handle and were looking for a production assistant (!!!). It felt too good to be true. Can’t pass up a chance like that! So, I took what little money I had saved up and bought a one-way ticket to Amman. Here goes nothing! Wish me luck!

I left life in Boston behind yesterday. Mom and Dad were visiting and they put me into a cab to the airport at 5pm, in front of the hotel where we were all staying in Boston – The Millennium Bostonian. A very modern hotel with chic decorations and free lemonade every afternoon. The valets all wore uniforms composed of jackets with sleeves down only to their elbows, and those snazzy modern fedoras to cap off the whole ensemble. Fun.

The cab drove me by the North End before heading on to the airport – it was on the route but felt like a special treat, thrown in just for me so that I could wave goodbye one last time to my now ‘old’ Boston neighborhood.

Hanover Street - Where I lived in Boston

Hanover Street - Where I lived in Boston



I touched down in London this morning around 10:40am, jumped on the Picadilly line and spent the afternoon having a picnic with my friend Joost, who I met 2 years ago when I was studying at the London Film Academy. We snacked on bread, cheese, strawberries, and crisps while chilling for a few hours with a great view over all of London from atop Parliament Hill. Fantastic!

After some quality catching up, I headed to Camden to visit Marita, a friend I met in Madrid when I was working as a tour guide. While in Madrid, Marita and I discovered we not only shared a birthday, but a quirky sense of humor and a deep love for good food – insanely similar in ways that facilitate that oh-so-rare instant friendship.

Shioban & Marita

Shioban & Marita

I arrived at Marita’s around 7:30pm and immediately took a shower to wash of the plane smell and picnic crumbs. Then the two of us got dressed and headed over to a beer garden called ‘Edinboro Castle’ for some Pims with Lemonade and two large hamburgers with goat cheese. Yum.

Later that night, we were joined at the beer garden by Marita’s friend Shioban, who, like Marita, is a social worker.  Shioban just returned from six months of backpacking in South America (!!!) and was full of exciting stories of her adventures. A six-month tour of South America definitely just bumped its way up a few notches on my to-do list. Ciders all round to celebrate and then we all hobbled back home.

And now, time for bed! More traveling tomorrow!


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